RJC certifies our attention to social issues, economic themes and environment care.

We are very proud to present our certifications. We have achieved the goal of RJC certification, both COP (Code of Practice) and COC (Chain of Custody). We are proud of it, as it is an ethical certification (read our code of ethics). Being RJC certified means being attentive to the social, economic, and environmental issues on which the goldsmith world could impact.

Being RJC certified, therefore, means: taking greater care of the staff and making sure that there is no exploitation in the entire production chain, starting with the acquisition of raw materials. It means verifying every financial step, to avoid any form of corruption. Last but not least, it means analyzing our production to minimize its environmental impact and making sure that the entire supply chain, from suppliers to end customers, has the same attention.

With the same pride, we assure our customers and all stakeholders our guarantee of continuity in supplies, always adhering to the best quality standard that Pandora Alloys can offer. This is the meaning of ISO: 9001 certifications. Although the certification is well known, it should be remembered that adhering to it means pursuing continuous improvement, in every area of the company organization.

Finally, we have obtained the Traceability & Fashion certification, to guarantee the protection of the Italian supply chain. When we say that we are proud to offer a Made in Italy product, we are aware and proud to belong to the nation that stands out for its elegance and quality, anywhere in the world.