Why Pandora Alloys

Our mission is to solve every possible problem our customers might face, giving them the most customized solution.

Our extraordinary flexibility makes Pandora Alloys standing out in the overview of alloys sector. Indeed, our mission is to solve problems of goldsmiths companies , offering focused solutions.

We must adapt to our clientele necessities: if our standard products cannot allow our client to find the solution he was looking for, we are the only ones who create formulations of personalized alloys, or a customized offer. Our values are summarized in the Flexible Strength philosophy, in order to underline flexibility, but also the solidity of our organization.

Also who works with silver can count on flexibility and on professionalism of Pandora Alloys. For this reason, we expanded our offer in this particular sector, with the collaboration of Argentium, whose patented alloys we produce in exclusive for Europe.

Shipments and delivery show the same flexibility we apply to production. Packaging is diversified to meet the clientele’s necessities: expeditions are structured on consignee’s requests. Documental flow is organized to consent a fast and punctual fulfilment of customs operations.

Finally, Pandora Alloy always cares about ecology: every phase of production and packaging has been designed to reduce environmental impact.